The tortoise and the hare.

I found this story in the library and together we sat down and read it. Before we got to the race I asked Button who she thought would win and of course she said the hare. She was surprised that the tortoise won but could recognize straight away that the hare was not a nice animal. I explained that slow and steady is best and we decided to make a list of when it was really good to be slow and steady. We came up with ideas like when cooking or doing a science experiment. 
   Then I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about not nice behaviour. I asked her what she thought of the hare and we wrote down her thoughts. We also went over a few new words like boastful and bully. We then looked at the tortoise and talked about how he was confident and clever. I then asked her who she would rather be and why. Luckily she wanted to be the tortoise.

Tortoise facts

Button bought into this a lot more than I thought she would. I asked her to simply draw a picture of a tortoise while I read her some facts and talked to her about the differences between tortoises and turtles. Her picture was brilliant and well coloured while she really took in all the facts and asked me questions. I found it all on Mocomi kids a great web page full of information. At the end of the article was a "how to draw a tortoise" video, she had already drawn one so at first said she didnt want to do another one. Instead I copied the video and drew one. This got Button interested and she soon wanted to do her own. She then got excited as she realised we had drawn a group of tortoises and she could call them a creep. (This is the name of a group of tortoises)
    I know she found all this interesting and was listening because we did this activity in the morning but she was still able to tell Daddy every single fact when he got home from work. 
  Her favourite fact was that tortoises can smell through their throat. We have a pet tortoise and she was so pleased to find out they can feel touch on their shell. So if she strokes our pet one on the shell he will feel it. She was sad to know they live alone and that the mother only looks after the nest, once born they are left to fend for themselves. 
   Before we did this activity she was confused between tortoises and turtles, but by the end of it she could tell Daddy that a turtle has a soft smooth shell and flippers to help it swim where as a tortoise has a bumpy hard shell and elephant like feet. Each time we do a tortoise activity now we will remind ourselves of these facts and hopefully they will sink in.

Tortoise sculptures 

You will need:

Play doh or clay,
Shells, stones, wooden chips etc,
Clay untentils (optional).

Leave everything out for your children and let them explore and express themselves. 
  Button loves play doh so it wasnt hard to get her on board with this activity. She loved making the tortoise and actually made a baby one to go with it. She also really loved to decorate the tortoise as well so it had a lot of shells etc. We spoke about what we rememebered from our facts and then went over them again for any we had forgotten. It was a lot of fun to do something together, Mummy made some as well and we used each others ideas.

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