Artists and their art

Artist and their Art

Button has always been creative and really interested in different ways to paint, so we decided to show her different Artists and their styles. As she's still young we kept it simple but showed her different styles so she could grasp that there was more than one way to be creative. She went through the internet and picked the paintings she liked the look of.


I didnt want everything to be about paint so for this one i cut out shapes for her to stick and form her own face. We then played a game which i set up to draw on the face features. 

The game
Draw a grid and along the top write eye 1, eye 2, nose, ear 1, ear 2, mouth. Then going down write the numbers 1 to 6. You then draw six different eye shapes next to the numbers and under eye 1. 
  You then roll the dice and whatever number u land on is what you draw on ur shape face. 

This made it easier for Button to really be creative. As she's young, she is still at the age to draw circles for eyes and this helped show where they should go on the face. The end result was amazing. 


Vincent van gogh

She picked two pictures she liked from this artist. She loved Sunflowers and the Irises so we talked about how to bring the pictures together. She decided to paint a vase and then have the iris in the vase. She also loved Starry Night and she drew her version on her chalk board. 


Jackson pollock 

This one was a lot of fun to do. We set a big sheet of paper down on her truff tray and let her flick and pour paint. I followed after her wiping any from the floor. The end result was great and very colourful. 


Final piece 

For her final piece we let her decide her favourite way to paint and how she wanted to do it. She decided Jackson pollock was the best (you could have guessed). Then she decided to cut out circles and place them in certain areas of the paper before splatting with the paint. Once it was dry we then removed the circles. 



For her french lessons Daddy went through the colours. We approached this in different ways to maintain Button's interest and to reinforce the information. This included some worksheets, songs and videos on youtube, and pictures and an online tour of the louvre.

Her little explorers also had an art month which we saved for this wk.

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