The flag is quite simple to recreate. We used paper and stickers but you can use paint or pens, anything really. While Button was putting her flag together she noticed that the Union flag was on their flag. This was lovely that she could recognise it, as it meant she learnt something when we studied England. So I explained that our Queen rules other Countries to and that they are part of her Empire, Australia being one of them. We also found out that the 7 point star was the Commonwealth star and that the Southern Cross constellation is also featured. We spoke a little about how it was first used for a place to send convicts to and then they encouraged people to move over there and that's how some of Mummy's family moved over there. 


You will need:

YouTube- How to Make an Origami Boomerang - Rob's World.

I used this great tutorial from Robs world ( ) and made the boomerang the night before. It was a bit more fiddly than I thought it was going to be but my first attempt was pretty good and Button was amazed that it came back.
   Button enjoyed decorating it and playing with it. I showed her some Aboriginal art (which we are gonna do a bit more about another day) and she tried to make a rainbow pattern on her boomerang. I think more work went into making it than decorating it so might be better for older children who can try and make it themselves but Button loved playing with it.

Aboriginal art

You will need:

Cotton buds.

We learnt that Aboriginal art was done by ancestors who were indigenous to the Australian continent. They would do this art work on bark, stone, leaves or anything natural, using sand to paint. 
   We Googled some of the art work to get ideas. Button started with a turtle but struggled with not painting lines and ended up painting the outline and decorating with the dots. 
    We then spoke about patterns and tried to find an easier way to show this art work. So we went for a heart shape. I really thought Button would enjoy this art work as she loves patterns and using different painting tools. However, she actually became quite upset when she couldn't get her head around the dots and how to draw without lines. Once it clicked though she made a lovely rainbow heart  

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