Rainforest facts

We borrowed a book from the library about rainforests. I wanted to focus on the animals and  the layers of the rainforest. We learnt that the Tropical rainforest is a complete environment from top to bottom. In general, it is divided into four layers: emergent layer, canopy layer, understory, and the forest floor.
    While we sat and looked at the pictures and spoke about the rainforst I got Button to copy some of the animals from the book and we talked about in which layer you would find each one. This then came up again during the float making.

A carnival mask

You will need:
A paper plate,
Paint and brushes,

Cut the paper plate in half, cut a little triangle where your child's nose will sit and two eye holes were their eyes will be. 
 Let your child paint the mask. Once dry, then decorate them with feathers, stickers and glitter. Add two holes each side and thread the string through. 

Button had been waiting all day to do this activity and was super excited to get the paint and feathers out. While she painted we looked up what the Rio carnival was all about. We found out it's a big celebration before Lent. We looked up pictures of carnival masks and customs. We were picking out our favourites and taking ideas for the colours and where to place the feathers. Button really got into this activity because of the colours and outfits. She loves that sense of theatre and drama. 
   We then started looking at the floats and parade which got Mummy thinking about making our own shoebox float... but thats another activity.

Brazil float

This was a big project for us. It took us a few days to complete it. We started by looking at pictures and videos of the Rio carnival. Button was so excited about the colours and customs. This is where Mummy got the idea for the float from. Button was glued to the videos and was asking so many questions. So Mummy said to her shall we make our own, all about the Rainforest? 
   She was very excited so we got to work planning it on paper. Mummy drew the float from different angles on the paper and asked Button to draw how she wanted it to look, explaining each angle to her, from the front, side and top. 
   Once we planned out the float we got to work painting it. She picked purple, orange and green to paint the shoe box. She had come up with the idea to make a 3d tree so we cut up a toilet tube and stuck that on the back with tissue paper leaves, we then poked green pipe cleaners through the back to make vines. She also wanted a yogurt pot stuck in the middle like a hill with grass made from paper stuck aroud it. I found some old seed pots and used one of them. She also decided she needed the Amazon river so she stuck blue tissue paper down on the base. 
   Mummy also made some butterflies from tissue paper and poked them with a paper clip that was bent out of shape and added to the top of the box to make it look like they r flying.  
   We looked through her animal box to see what animals we had that we might find in the Amazon Rainforest and they completed our float. 
   The best part of this was how proud Button was of it and couldn't wait to show everyone. She could also tell us that there were four parts to the rainforest and where animals could be found, which really impressed Mummy and showed she had been listening.

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