Visiting London

   As Mummys French family was over for a few days we decided to accompany them to London for the day. Button was super excited as she loves Big Ben and the Tower of London and the idea of going on a tour bus. 
   A few days before, we dug out her South bank and North bank book she got one Christmas and her London book from Usborne books. She was so interested by every page, all about the history of London and why each building was important. 
   Both books kept her interest and gave her fun facts thats she could come back to if wanting to learn about a certain part of London. 
   The tour bus was great fun, it was a hop on and off one. We wanted to go to Buckingham Palace so we aimed for there. On the bus you got headphones to listen to the tour. Unfortunately Mummy and Daddy had the twins trying to pull them out of our ears so we didnt hear much but Button really got lost into it. She would try and relay bits as we went by but as it was quite fast and she's 5 we just got snippets of the bits she liked lol. She was desperate to get off at the Tower of London but we didnt have time that day (an excuse to go back). After Buckingham Palace we walked back through St James' park and took in the sights and talked about the wildlife and plants. She loves nature and led this conversation. We ended the day with a meal and then headed home ready to head to Cardiff for a few days. 
  Button loved this day out and if we were alone I think we would have got a lot more out of it but she loved listening to her Nanny talking to the family in Spanish and Daddy talking to them in French. She tried to talk to them in French and Spanish and English and really soaked up the atmosphere sourrounding her.

British flags

Button is not a big fan of colouring, but at her age, there is a limited number of ways to highlight the flags of each country we study. Daddy was also concerned that with Britain  and therefore four individual flags plus the Union flag, there was a danger of it all being too much for her and it turning into a battle.

So Daddy had the idea of creating the flags on the laptop. By doing this he hoped that Button would: be excited about using the laptop and so have a more positive approach; be more willing to colour as it is just point and click; gain a basic understanding of using Paint.

Button was very excited and gleefully took control of proceedings. Though obviously Daddy made sure that she stuck to the actual design of the flags we were doing. We gave her a little leeway with line thicknesses and Button chose the Dragon logo from google for us to paste on the Welsh flag. Button did a great job with the flags but was starting to lose a bit of interest by the fourth Home Nation flag. So Daddy made the decision not to do the Union flag, though we did discuss it and how it is the Union Jack at sea. All in all this was a successful activity and the print outs looked great.

Booklet on London/ England

I put together a simple booklet of simple facts about the Queen, Prime minister, flag and money. 
  Button really enjoyed learning about the Queen and her family and how you are born into the role. After we talked about family trees, she could work out who was 2nd 3rd and 4th in line. We then spoke about how the Prime minister isn't born into power and is voted in by the people. She drew the famous number 10 door. We spoke about how they make promises of what they would do if we voted for them. Then I got her to vote for either Barbie, Rapunzul or Mr tumble. I then asked her what they might promise to get her vote. It was interesting seeing her mind work and how she was easily swayed by sweets lol. We then drew the Scottish , Northern Irish and English flag and put them together to make the Union flag. We then spoke about the welsh flag not being used in the Union flag but drew it as well.
    Money was a fun one. We did some rubbings of coins and I tried to explain that the Queen's head was on money and stamps because stamps are like money. Im not fully sure she understood this concept but we at least touched on it.

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