We have looked at France before as it's one of Button's favourite countries. So this time we decided to look at certain things or people connected with France. We took a closer look at the Eiffel Tower, the Tour de France and Monet. As well as her little passport pack.

Eiffel tower

You will need:


After Button and Daddy built their lego Eiffel tower we decided to see how much she took from it by encouraging her to build another from wafers and icing. She was allowed to direct Mummy to help and hold things but we wanted her to lead as much as possible.
   She did really well with this activity, she completely led and Mummy just held wafers while she put the icing on. She loved the messiness of this activity and was really proud of what she produced.  It did fall down a few times but Mummy just rebuilt it while Button was building her top tower part. And once she finished, it stood for a good 5 minutess before falling again. Best of all, to clear up we got to eat it!

Lego - Eiffel Tower

We hoped that Button would take the lead with this activity, but she is very green when it comes to Lego and was not totally clear in her mind about how the Eiffel Tower was structured.
So to get round this and to enable Button to have greater clarity, Daddy showed Button some pictures and told her to focus on the legs. Daddy hoped that if he did the floors it would help Button with the scale.
As Button and Daddy commenced construction, Mummy played a video about Eiffel Tower facts. Button really tried to take on board some of the facts, but we will probably revisit the video at some stage.
Unfortunately, Button's inexperience with Lego was really holding her back. So Daddy and Button discussed what was needed in terms of height and shape for the legs, then Daddy found the pieces for Button to put together. Button actually started to really get into it as she built the tall thin bit and this got her into the mood. Button then really enjoyed customising our Eiffel Tower with ladders, a lift and a ticket booth and barriers.
Overall it was an impressive attempt, though what was possibly even more impressive was that our Eiffel Tower survived being played with in some quite robust games with some figures Button had visiting. Button put a lot of imagination into these games and seemed to really enjoy herself.

Tour de France

You will need:

A paper plate,
Tissue paper,
Paint and brush (optional)

Start by cutting the paper plate to look like a wheel. I cut eight triangles out very roughly, I'm sure there are better ways to do it but I just went free hand so Button wasn't waiting ages for me to get it right. I would have cut it the night before but we had been busy so I had to do with Button waiting. I then left Button to cut the tissue paper herself. Great snipping and cutting with control, practice. She then glued them in place over the triangle holes I had cut. Once she was happy that the holes were covered she painted the outside.
    While she was working away I read out some facts about the Tour de France. I soon realised that some of it might go over her head so we focused on the colours of the jerseys. We learnt together that yellow is for the stage winner and he wears it until someone over takes them and finishes first that day. The poker dot jersey was for the best climber, so whoever got the most points during the mountain days, the green was for fastest sprinter and the yellow goes to the best youngest (under 26yrs old).

Make french toast
You will need:
Rolling pin,
8 slices of bread,
Chocolate spread,
1/4 cup milk,
1 egg,
2 tablespoons sugar,
1/4 teaspoon vanilla,
3 tablespoons sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon,
Start by cutting the crust off of your bread and rolling it flat. Then spread the chocolate spread on the bread and roll it up tight. Now place the milk, egg, sugar and vanilla in the bowl and mix. 
 Mix the second lot of sugar and cinnamon together and place on a plate. 
   Place the rolled up bread in the milk mixture. Heat the oil and fry off your chocolate bread. Then roll them in the sugar and cinnamon mix. 
   Enjoy with some strawberries. 
Button helped me with this when we decided to have it for breakfast one morning. She rolled the bread and tried spreading the chocolate spread. She then did all the mixing and added the breads to the mixture. She also tried rolling in the sugar mixture after we cooked them but they were very hot. Everyone loved them and we will make them again soon. The twins loved them but shared one as it's a lot of sugar.

You will need:

Paper or card,
Masking tape.

Start by outlining a bridge with your masking tape on your card or paper.
We also did one of the Eiffel Tower, if you want to do the same then outline the tower on another piece of card.
  We then watched a short video on Monet from youtube. I typed in Monet for children and a few different ones came up. I went for the first one from free school but you might find a better one to suit your children.
   We then googled images of his famous pond with the bridge to give us an idea of how to recreate the picture. Button decided to dab the brush and stuck with a few colours, in some places over lapping them. Once it was dry we peeled off the masking tape to reveal a lovely piece of art work.
   We did the same with the Eiffel Tower but only used blue and red as they are the French flag colours with the white being the tower.
   This was a lot of fun and the art work was lovely.

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