Kimono dress

This was a simple activity, that got us talking about Japan. Button was rather unwell the first week of our October themes so we did this activity curled up on the sofa. I drew a rough square and got Button to decorate it. Unfortunately, because she felt unwell she was upset with what she drew so I showed her a simple way to draw cherry blossom which the Japanese love. I also found a video of lunch time at a Japanese school, the video showed us that even their lunch times are a learning experience. They serve each other and learn life skills. She thought this was harsh because they had to clean the classroom and hall. Daddy explained that these children would make less mess than children who don't have to clean for themselves and others. 
   I also found an app for a game making sushi which was just a bit of fun for Button as she was feeling so rough.

Making sushi 

Sainburys had some deals on their Japanese section and Button loves sushi so we thought what better way to really get a feel for their culture. We picked up the ingredients for sushi, a panko curry set(from Aldi) and some miso soup sachets. Mummy and Button started prepping all the ingredients then Daddy fried the breaded chicken. We laid the table so we could make the sushi together. We had the miso soup as a starter in cups. Daddy made the sushi with Button's help. Everything went down a treat. Buttercup loved the chicken nuggets in panko breadcrumbs dipped in the curry sauce (gonna have it as a curry meal now we know the babies loved it) Bear loved the sushi rice and fish and Button loved the lot and can't wait to visit Japan for real.

Montessori Japan set

Before we fully started home ed, we tried out a few monthly packs. One we found that was amazing quality but far to expensive for us was Montessoribymom. The one they sent us was about Japan. At the time we tried it out, realised it was too advanced for Button and put it away. We got it out again this month  and she loved it!
    We did some origami. We tried doing jumping frogs but they proved tricky so we made fortune tellers as I remembered making them at school. 
    In the pack was also a lovely calligraphy brush and mat. You just use water and once it's dry you start again. It also has a set to make paper and felt sushi which we haven't tried yet. 
   As well as this we had our Little passport monthly pack. This we have been doing for 2 years but this is our second month with the older set. Button is still loving it. You receive a suitcase and world map the first month, then each month after it focuses on a different country. You  receive a pin sticker to put on the map to show where you have been. It comes with a pen pal letter from Sam and Sofia the two characters who travel to the country to show you it. You also get a postcard, gift and activity pack to help you learn about each country. 
    This month was great! Button loves Japan so this just fuelled her interest She is also hugely into poetry and this month it talked about a type of Japanese poem called a Haiku. It is a short poem with 5 syllables then 7 syllables then 5 syllables. We had to make up our own after we helped fill in their examples. 
   We also learnt about sushi and had a sushi dinner but we will talk about that later on. 
   The pack is full of fun facts about the country and also fun activities like making a Windsock. We really enjoyed learning about Japan together.

Daruma doll

 This was a last minute find. I came across these when searching for a quick craft to fill an odd half an hour we had. All you need is coloured paper depending on what colour you want your doll to be, white paper for the face, glue to stick the face on and some pens. 

Each colour means something different:
Red - good fortune/ good luck
Black -save money and secrets
White -start something new 
Purple - honor and ambition 
Pink - good love 
Yellow - good business and money
Green - good health and beauty

Button wanted red for good luck and fortune. We found the symbol for good luck and she drew it on the front of the doll. Then we found some dolls to copy for the face. 
   So they say you keep the eyes empty and white, you tell your doll a wish and when it comes true you draw in the eye, then you tell the doll another wish ready for the next eye. 
   Button enjoyed finding out about these dolls and telling them her wish, she wouldn't share it with Mummy so I wont know if it comes true till she colours in the eye.

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