Rainbow village

In Taiwan, a 95 year old war veteran saved his abandoned village from being demolished by painting everything in bright colours. It's now called Rainbow village and is a tourist attraction. 
  So we decided to build our own rainbow village from blocks. We let Button lead this and we soon had a park, row of shops, houses, a watch tower, a castle and a zoo. She loves this sort of thing and then sold tickets to Mummy and Daddy to come visit. Mummy and Daddy soon wanted to live here and Button was selling us houses and flats above the shops to live in. Daddy was going to sell rainbow sherbet of all different flavours. This was a lot of fun and helped Button  learn a little about the culture of Taiwan.

Yum box - Taiwan

This month's yum box from www.universalyums.com was from Taiwan. This is a monthly box of treats and snacks from a different country each month. We use it as a starting point to select which country we are going to study that month. 

Scores wise this was perhaps our least favourite box so far, with one item getting 0 from all three of us. However this tells only part the story. There were a couple of items that were our third and fourth best scores out of all the snacks so far. This was also a very interesting box for a few reasons. 

Firstly, not one snack in the box really tasted as we expected which is surely the point of a tasting box like these? Secondly, the Tea Popcorn had been made exclusively for Universal Yums and was both unusual but also tasty and a clever nod to the flavours enjoyed in Taiwan. Thirdly and most excitingly, this was the first Yum box to feature a recipe and an unusual ingredient for the recipe. This followed some customer research/feedback and is a brilliant addition that really excited Button (and Mummy and Daddy to be fair) and got her buy in.

Admittedly, the special "ingredient" was a bit of a nice to do add on rather than integral to the dish. Also, the Scallion stick was probably nicer on its own than in the dish. However the recipe was pretty simple and was actually delicious! In fact the only down sides was that we had to leave the sesame elements out due to Button's allergy, and the garlic in the recipe is raw. This tasted great but was not ideal when Mummy and Daddy were going out that evening!!

Taiwan flag. 

You will need:
Red blue and white paper,

We had been to see a show up London the day before and during the show one of the characters ripped a piece of paper into the shape of a butterfly. Button thought this was really clever so it got me thinking. Button loves to rip and cut paper so why not actually rip to make something. So using the red sheet as the base of our flag i got her to rip a blue rectangle and stick it in place and then a white circle and small triangles to form the sun. 
  She enjoyed the activity but found the circle difficult to do and after a good few tries used one of my demonstration ones. We also didn't get 12 triangles but i was really pleased with her end result and how hard she tried. I didnt like the fact she got disheartened and used mine so I think this is a great exercise to keep going back to for practice. She was really pleased with her triangles though and I was super proud of her for not just giving up. This was another different way to create a flag.

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