French Colours

Daddy had gone through colours when Button was a lot younger and consequently she seemed a lot more confident as we studied them this time. Daddy used Youtube videos, online games, worksheets and games to provide variety and maintain Button's interest. 

Daddy began each week with a couple of videos ( and then alternated the videos with the other activities. Some of the videos we told Button she had to sing along to or copy what was said whilst others she could just dance to.

The online games ( were not amazing and did not retain Button's interest for long. However, they did provide some variety and helped reinforce Button's colour knowledge. We also found an online French 'Simon' sort of game but I cannot find it again now.

Worksheet wise, Daddy printed out the colours in French.

Daddy also printed some French colour by numbers ( with this elephant tying in nicely to the work Mummy was doing with Button on Elmer.

We played a couple of games such as one where Button had to run to an object that was the colour Daddy said in French. The biggest success though was colour eye spy(I spy with ma petite yeux something les coleur...) . Button continued playing this with Mummy and Daddy anytime she was bored or walking home from the shops etc.

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