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French numbers 1-20

Button has been showing interest in learning French again and so I asked her what she would like to learn this week. Button replied that she would like to learn 1-100. I explained that this was a lot to learn in one week's half hour lesson but said that we could learn it in blocks of twenty over five weeks. 

Previous attempts to teach Button French through immersion have only had limited success. So I knew I needed to change my approach and provide greater variety. Also, Button is older now and has greater knowledge of things in English now than she did previously. So this gave me more scope to use variety than previous attempts. Finally, we are fairly sure that Button is a predominantly Kinesthetic learner, so I knew I needed some active elements to really engage her (I'm really simplifying the Kinesthetic approach here).

I therefore, used a combination of videos, songs, worksheets and a game. How much Button learnt will only become apparent over the next few weeks, but she was still saying how much she had enjoyed her French lesson during dinner some five hours later.

I started by playing an old YouTube video ( ) of 1-10 in French that I knew she liked in order to reinforce the numbers that she already knew from before and boost her confidence.

Next we went over a sheet (a) showing the numbers 0-20 both numerically and in French.

My aim here was to introduce numbers 11-20 and start to familiarise Button with the written words.
I followed this with another video ( ) which gave her accurate pronunciations of numbers 1- 20.

Now was game time. We took 20 balls from the twin's ball pool and put them one side of the room and then put a box the other side of the room. Button then had to run back and forth collecting one ball at a time and counting the the balls in French as she put them in the box. I allowed her to check sheet (a) for help and I gave her a bit of help too as she was still learning and avoiding frustration was my priority. Button loved this and engaged really well. It also put her in a more positive frame of mind to do her first worksheet- sheet (b)


Button was able to sound out 'un' and sound out 'deux' enough to work it out. She needed a bit more help with the other three numbers but still engaged well.

We followed this with another video ( ). I wanted Button to really engage with this and start to get thw numbers in her head. Button is very musical and dramatic so songs are a great way to teach her. With this song I also said she could dance, as long as she also sang along the numbers, in order to really get her buy in. Button loved this and listened to it it several times.

Next I had a final worksheet- sheet (c)- which was a trace writing sheet of numbers 1-10 both numerically and in French.

Button has really been improving her writing and this seemed a good no fear way of getting her used to writing the French words. By this stage Button wanted to play the counting game again, so I compromised by saying she should do 1-5, then we would play the game and then do 6-10. Button did really well with the writing and also needed less help with the game this time round.

We then finished with two more videos. Another song video ( ) and then an animation ( ). Button was not keen on the song at first as it was too fast for her to sing along to. So I told her just to listen to it to get more used to the numbers. The animation is more aimed at younger children bit also starts to introduce some additional nouns in French. This video actually contains several episodes so we just watched the number one. 

Overall this French lesson seemed more successful, more calm and more comprehensive than previous incarnations. The real measure will be how much she retains, though Mummy certainly picked it up and later that day Mummy and Button were both counting together in French in the park.

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