French phrases

The last couple of months, Button and I have been looking at basic phrases in French. Learning vocabulary is important and Button did really well with colours and numbers. However, in terms of communication and in bringing the vocabulary alive, a few basic phrases can make life so much easier. Mummy had some family visiting from France so we thought it could also tie in nicely with that. 

Daddy set up a playlist on Youtube ( of some videos that introduce some really simple phrases. The more schooly ones, Button did not like but she engaged well with the songs and the puppet ones. Daddy also printed out some posters of phrases to have on display as reminders. 

We used some games and some roleplay to help reinforce the phrases we were working on which Button enjoyed. The roleplay was basically a conversation of us introducing ourselves to each other. Daddy printed this out with it written in French and phonetically so Button could hopefully read it. The game was a twist on 'I went to the shops and I bought....'. Instead we made it 'Je voudrais... ...s'il vous plait' (I would like... ... please) with the objects we chose named in English.

I plan to revisit the introduction conversation when we start French again in September as it is such a useful starting point when she visits France.

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