This was a lot of fun. We made different shape ice bricks by freezing some water with glitter and sequins in old plastic cake tray. We then used them to build an ice castle for her frozen charaters. It was a joy to watch her tell herself stories. Dad also took the opportunity to teach her about avalanches.

Button loves baking so we decided to bake a castle Cake. This wasn't our best bake but was definitely fun to do. Button isn't a huge fan of sponge so we did a chocolate base (or building) then fairy cakes and cones for the towers. We used marshmallows for the turrets. I would suggest big marshmallows, we sent dad shopping so ended up with small. If your a keen baker I'm sure you can do a better job than us but if your not then it's still aneasy one to try.

For our art and crafts we decided to make a castle pen holder. We used a shoe box lid to hold everything and give it a Base.  Then we used six toilet tube holders. We placed a small box in the middle to be the main castle and cut to make turrets. We then let her paint it. We did help as it was such a big job and Button likes us to do it with her. Once dry we glued everything into place. This arts and crafts is actually being used and sits on her shelf full of pens and pencils for her to gra as and when. 

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