Castles 2018

Cardiff castle

After our visit to Cardiff castle and once home. We sat down and talked about the things we could remember. The bomb shelter really sparked Buttons interest for history. Even though not typically anything to do with castles she really got a feel for how the people during the war might have felt and how the castle saved so many lives. The bomb shelter, hidden in the hill and outer walls surrounding the castle was incredible. They covered the windows, had a recording of bombs, sirens and the prime minister telling us that we were at war, all to give u a sense of how it would have been. It was dark and lonely (even with family with you) so you really got a feel of the atmosphere. She came away with hopefully a lasting memory of war time. 
  Before our visit to Cardiff Button and Daddy had gone to the library and found a book on castles. He had given her a quick lesson on tbe different types of castle and at Cardiff there are two types to see. Once there and again when we got home she could easily explain to me that the first type of castle was built by a river on a hill and the village would be below the hill. The hill was for protection. Unfortunately she keeps forgetting the name of this type of castle but I think for a 5 year old, what she can remember is amazing.
  Her third fact she remembered was that a stock was for locking up bad people so other people could throw rotten veg at them. Button and Daddy got to stand in one, Mummy didnt throw rotten veg lol. 
  All in all she did really well remembering so much and it's a great start to learning about history.

As soon as we started planning our trip to Cardiff, we knew we were going to study castles. As soon as we knew we were going to study castles the most obvious activity was to build one. So the next month or too we saved and stored boxes and tubes of all sizes. 

The day we chose to commence our build was a beautiful day. So we decided to build our castle outside in the garden. Daddy decided to give Button complete control, just doing any sticking that Button asked for. This resulted in an outcome that was very different from what Daddy had envisaged. However, it was fascinating to see how Button's mind worked, what facts she remembered and utilised and how she prioritised. 

One of the first things Button did was to position a couple of guards (empty ready to drink Aptimil bottles). Button also seemed to decide from what direction her castle might be attacked and built all her fortifications aimed in that direction. A moat and therefore a bridge were also a priority to her. 

Button really enjoyed this activity and took it very seriously, evaluating her 'building materials' and then building accordingly.

Building castles with corks and buttons. 

I dont know about you but Daddy loves to keep his corks from his wine bottles. They sit there waiting to be used and finally I found a way of using them. I gave a pile of them to Button with her jar of buttons and asked her to try and balance them on each other to build a castle. She loved this activity and got busy building and balancing. She ended up building towers and then using Daddys champagne corks as soldiers. Nanny had just arrived as she was finishing and she got very excited to show her what she had built. A great activity for hand eye coordination  and balancing skills, as well as story telling and communication. Definitely one to try again with other builds and ideas.

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