The tudors

Family tree

We started our Tudor journey with a simple introduction to the Tudor family. Button already knows a lot about Henry VIII thanks to 'horrible histories' and a few visits to castles. Henry VIII is Mummy's favourite so if he pops up she is always quick to mention him or tell Button an interesting fact. 
   So we went through the family and drew them in the family tree. As we did this Button asked questions like "why wasn't Arthur king?" So we googled it while she drew. We found out he died at 15 but no one knows really how. Button could tell me that Henry VIII then married his brother's wife after he died. Again I think she got this from 'horrible histories'. I also explained that the Tudor era was quite a long one and so the fashion changed along the way. When looking at the pictures of the kings and queens to copy she could pick out the hat styles changing and some of the dresses. 
   It was a great start to the Tudors and the best part was that she knew so much already that I was reinforcing the information and getting her to put it on paper as a reference. She could even tell me that Catherine Parr (Henry VIII last wife) went out to the woods and got lost and died. I didnt know this and am off to google it now.

Knot gardens 

While searching for things to learn about, Mummy came across knot gardens and thought it would be a great way to talk about things being symmetrical. Button loves 'odd squad' which a maths programme on CBBC and Netflix. There is a character on there called symmetrical Al so she was on board from the start and really listening and trying to make her garden symmetrical. Mummy helped a lot with the ruler but the ideas and planning and all the colouring was Button. She even included the Tudor rose in her garden without any suggestion. 
   We spoke about why they liked to include these areas in their gardens and what sort of plants and herbs they would have grown. Mummy was very pleased with Buttons knot garden.

Tudor rose 

So I got Button to draw the Tudor rose as we sat and discussed that there was a War of the Roses between Lancaster and York and that Henry VII was from Lancaster. However, when he married Elizabeth of York the war ended and he made the Tudor Rose. They used the rose to decorate furniture and tapestries during the Tudor period.

Horrible Histories- Terrible Tudors

When we first saw that Horrible Histories were coming to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford, we thought it too old for Button. Not only was Button in an anxious, scared of everything phase, but she had only shown a passing interest in history. However, as 2018 sped on Button began to take an interest in history. I think it began with all the programmes that were on about the Suffragettes and was then further piqued by the air raid shelter in the barricades of Cardiff Castle. However, a real interest in history was sparked by Button's discovery of Horrible Histories on Netflix. 

Mummy decided to blow on this spark by investing in the Horrible Histories' books and to introduce history as one of our monthly subjects. We began with Castles as we were going to Cardiff, but Mummy was eager to introduce the Tudors as this is her favourite period to learn about. The fact that "Terrible Tudors" was set to be one of the Horrible Histories' shows at the Orchard in September just made timings perfect and so we booked tickets.

Button asked to go everytime she saw one of the posters round Dartford. However, we did not tell her we had booked it until we were outside the theatre about to go in. She was so happy and excited it was great to see. 

The show was great and really well done. Button interacted and called out and really got involved. I feel like the 3d effects could have been used more effectively as they seemed just a bit gimmicky and hadn't really moved on since the 3d they had in the pantomime Mummy and Daddy saw there about 6 years ago. However, like most theatre productions, the show was well done overall. It balanced humour, information and gore as well as the television version. In fact the worst thing about the whole thing was that we hadn't booked the "Awesome Egyptians" show that followed in the afternoon!

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