World war 1

Poppy cookies

You will need:

300g of plain flour,
200g butter,
100g of sugar,
Icing sugar,
Red food colouring,
Chocolate buttons,
A drop of Water (if your dough isnt coming together)

Set your oven for 180C.
Mix the flour, butter and sugar together, roll out and cut circles. Cut three slits in the side and then pinch them ever so slightly so it looks like the poppy petals. Bake for 8-10 mins.
  Once they have cooled, decorate with the red icing and a button.
  Button loves baking and this recipe is so easy she could do it all herself. I love watching her bake and her enjoyment when sharing her bakes. She was so excited when her Grad turned up to pick up the dogs, she sent him on his way with two biscuits for him and Nanny.
  We also have a new book 'Poppy fields' which we sat and read. A lovely book filled with red poppies telling a new story inspired by the poppies. Like when John Mccrae wrote his famous poem 'In Flanders field' among the trenches in Belgium.  This is a lovely way to keep the memory of the soldiers alive. I recommend it.

BBC website and animal trophy

I came across the BBC website by chance really. It was brillant for Button, lots of short cartoon videos of important people and every day life during World War I. She loved the story of the little boy off to get his sister a new English teddy bear because hers was German. She also loved the story of the nurse Edith Cavell who was shot for looking after anyone who was hurt, no matter their nationality. She hid people and helped them escape to their countries.  Button watched this a good few times and I think it made her think about everyone who fought in the war not just the English. Shes still very young to fully understand what went on and why but these clips really helped tell her the story.
   She also enjoyed the animal ones and she felt sad for the animals that lost their lives helping. The website suggested making them a medal or trophy and so she asked to do this. On the 11th of November while we had BBC 1 on watching the poppies being laid and the marching parades Button and Mummy sat and made a trophy for the animals. We included the purple poppy for them and Button made a purple dog to sit on top of it. It was lovely that she led this fully and that for her she felt like she was showing her respect.

Writing a postcard to a loved one
This was a great way to express how people might have been feeling during the time. We started by talking about who she would like to be, the person waiting at home or the person at war. She wanted to be at war so I gave her the chocie of a man in the army or a female nurse. This reminded her of the nurse Edith cavell, we learnt about from the BBC website and so she asked if she could be her. 
  I Googled where she was born and who she could possibly be writing to. We made up an address from clues about her life. Her dad was a vicar so we went with sending it to the vicarage and we also found out the town in Norwich that she lived. We also found out she was one of four children and so she decided she wanted to write to her youngest sister Mary. I got Button to write out the address, an introduction to how addresses should be written and encouraging her writing skills. I knew she would struggle and get upset about writing the whole letter so this was a nice way to keep her interested and still practicing her writing. 
   So once the address was written we got down to writing the letter. She wanted to talk about the soldiers she might have been helping and how they felt. One had lost an arm and leg and felt sad and frightened, one had been blinded and was angry and one missed home so felt alone whom she was hiding and going to help get home. It was fun to watch her mind work and see how much she had remembered without my help. 
  I then asked her to draw a picture of the war on the front of the postcard, she drew herself as the nurse helping a soldier. As this nurse helped any soldier who needed her, Button decided she wanted a colour from each side's uniform on her arm. I thought this was very clever and a lovely thought. We Googled some army clothes from WW1 and found a blue one from France and a green one from England etc. I thought this a nice touch and it showed me she understood that this amazing nurse didnt care who she helped.

Poppy sun catchers

You will need:
Black card,
Red and green tissue paper,
Contact paper or a laminating pouch.

Cut the tissue paper down into small pieces and cut an outline of a poppy including the leaf from the black card.
  Place the black card on the contact sheet or laminate pouch, adding a circle of black card in the centre of the poppy. Then get your children to fill the outline with red tissue paper and green in the leaf section. We used a laminate pouch so once she was happy with it we closed it up and sealed it. Mummy cut around the outside and then stuck them to our living room window.
   Button enjoyed this activity and made two. We talked about the importance of the poppy and why we wear them. We then went and bought a poppy to wear and a ruler braclet. She wore hers with pride which was lovely to see.

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