Music week 

Our week looking at music started old school with classical music and records. Daddy showed Button how to use the record player and then they read about Brahms and Tchaikovsky and listened to their violin concertos. Button really engaged and it was a lovely couple of evenings. Button loves classical music and recognised bits from listening to classic fm. 


We worked together to all learn about rhythm and beat. Daddy (@teaching_mum_and_dad) found these brillant sheets that have simple nursery rhymes and told us when to hit the beat and when to hit the rhythm. We spilt into two groups, one taking the beat and the other taking the rhythm. Button's grasp of these two key musical elements was really impressive. This was a lot of fun and opened up questions and discussions about some of the posters and words we put up around the room.


After discussing the posters and music definitions around the room, Button had a worksheet to do. It had pictures of various instruments and then a list of instrument names. Button had to write the correct name under the right picture. She hardly needed any help from Daddy at all, just using him to check some before writing. 

At the same time, Mummy took the Twins and they also learnt about instruments, Bear loved it and went all out on this. He pointed out the instruments he knew and made the sounds and movements as if playing them. Then I told him about the instruments he didn't know. We had a lot of fun making the sounds and he could remember some of them at dinner which was great. Buttercup joined In for a bit with a simpler sheet, just matching some instrument toys with their pictures. She was less bothered about the instruments and more about the dancing and showing us her ballet moves when we looked at different genres of music. Button, Daddy and myself took 15 different genres to listen to and marked each one out of 5 for listening to and out of 5 for dancing to. This was a lot of fun and interesting to see what each other liked. Button marked disco down because our dancing embarassed her which I thought was hilarious.


For English this week, Button studied three songs:


'The times they are a changin' by Bob Dylan;

'Imagine' by John Lennon;

and 'Barbie girl' by Aqua.


I wanted to show Button how songs can be more like poetry and how they can often be used to promote ideas or as a commentary on society. For each song we listened to it, then read through it line by line discussing the meaning(s). We then googled each song to further understand potential theories about them. This was quite a high level for Button and probably involved more of me talking than I would have planned but she concentrated, and worked hard to understand, asking sensible questions. It opened her eyes to the potential of music to carry a serious message. As well as laying the foundations to an understanding of Communism which will be useful as we move on to study Asia in the coming weeks. Where Button was most impressive was identifying the tempo of each song and recognising some of the instruments used. 


Button did brilliantly this week at learning "incy, wincy, spider" on her keyboard using music notation. All week, Button has illustrated a real core understanding and appreciation of music that neither Mummy or Daddy really have, or at least a fusion of the both of us.

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