We wanted to slowly start introducing sight words. I thought this would be a great opportunity for this. I made some gold coins from yellow card and wrote the words on them. It was like pairs but i hidthem in the sand and when she found them she placed them in the treasure chest. She enjoyed this and it was a great way to start introducing words. 

Making Mermaids was a lot of fun. We used home made playdough for this so we could add glitter. Then I laid out some dry lentils and some love heart crystals for her to add to the tails. We used duplo people to make the mermaids. I then left her to it to decorate the tails. She came up with lots of  styles and then she played with them.

Float or sink. For this I collected lots of bits from around the house that could be pirate treasure. I drew up a chart and found a skull stamp (you can just use a pen) then I gave her a bowl of water and off we went experimenting with everything. After we had finished finding out which items floated and which sunk, I then left her to play which was mostly pouring the water from one bowl to the other. 

Treasure hunt. This was the highlight of pirate week. After Button made her own treasure box, pirate hat and telescope  I set up a treasure hunt for her. The clues were drawings of where the next clue is  I also wrote the name of where the clue was hidden to help her start recognising words. The prize was her treasure box filled with chocolate coins. Button loved it and to get into the spirit we dressed Button and dad up as pirates.

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