Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve- Candle experiment 

We started this topic by just simply reading the story. I chose to read it from my Good News Bible instead of Button's children's Bible as she has a toddler Bible and that doesn't have enough detail for us. 
   She knew parts of the story so was excited when she could tell me bits. I really thought she would get bored and not listen or talk through it but actually she sat and interacted with me about the story and took it in enough to be able to tell daddy it a little while after. 
   The experiment came in to play at the end, I wanted to explain that even though Adam and Eve were punished for disobedience, we would not be, as Jesus died for our Sins. To explain this I used a clever candle water trick. 

You will need:
A flat plate,
A candle,
A coin,
Food colouring,

First add the food colouring to your water, this makes it easier to see during the experiment. 
Now place the candle in the middle of the plate and light it. 
I then left it burning while I told the story. (This was another reason I thought Button wouldnt concentrate as she loves blowing candles out. However, she forgot it was there, which shows me how much she was enjoying the story. 
  When you are ready, explain to your children that the coin is us, placing it head facing up on the plate, and the candle is Jesus. Pour the coloured water onto the plate so that it envelopes the coin (us) and the candle (Jesus) and explain that the water represents Sin.Then go into how when Jesus died he took our Sins away. I didn't go into huge detail as we are learning about Adam and Eve not Easter. (This is a great easter experiment as well so I will use it again then). 
 Then place the glass over the candle. You will see the water slowly being sucked up and the candle going out. Once the candle goes out all the water should be in the glass with Jesus leaving the coin with no sin. 
  I recommand practising it first so you know if your plate is flat enough. We were left with a tiny amount of sin but Button is so young and was so excited that she could see Jesus (the candle) taking our Sin that she didnt notice the little left over. If your children do  notice it then you can say that some sin leaves an effect on us, so even though Jesus has taken it away and forgiven us we need to learn to forgive ourselves. But hopefully your plate is flat enough that you won't have any left over. 
   Button loved this so much we had to do it at least ten times and then she called Daddy in and told him the story of Adam and Eve and then showed him the experiment like she was the teacher lol. 
  It was a huge success and a great way to get her excited about the bible.

Adam and Eve pack 

I downloaded this from Mary Martha Mama. Its a great pack and they also have a few more which we will be using. 

The great bit is not having to print the whole pack. Some of the maths was a bit too simple for Button so we focused on the writing, story sequence, patterns, cutting and the game. 
  Button loved it, she loved doing the story sequence part and told me the story as we went through the other activities. It was a joy to watch her doing worksheets and enjoying them. I cant wait for Noah's ark and Moses. I just wish they had more packs.

Tree of knowledge art. 

You will need 

Blue or white card
Green paper
Green tissue paper
Toilet tube
Red Buttons or buttons on the shape of fruit 

Step one. 
Prep your items. The tissue needs to be balled up into small balls.
The toilet tube needs to be cut in half. I actually cut a little bigger than half then folder the sides in a bit to give us an area to stick down. 
Get your child to cut slits in the green paper to look like grass. Now you can building your picture. 

Button cut and glued the grass, then the trunk and then the tissues paper. We used two different shades of green and she did a great job of making look like a tree. We then had some buttons that look like strawberries so she pick the colour she wanted and glued them. She had some falling off.

During this art excise I got Button to tell me the story of Adam and eve and if I wanted to see how much detail she knew I would ask questions during. She had rememebered all of it even that the tree was the tree of knowledge and that we dont really know what fruit was on it but that most pictures show apples. 

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