Creation bingo

This was a lot of fun and helped Button remember what was made on each day. We played when Gran was round and we all ended up winning one game each. So we played a final round which Button won. The pictures were beautifully done and each card had numbers one to 7 with an image drawn in the number and then a circle with some of the same image. I got this from Pintrest and so glad I spotted it. Before we started I got Button to try and remember what days God made what and if she got really stuck she could use the bingo card. She actually did really well and Gran was very impressed with her.

Creation pack

I had completely forgotten to get a kids book on this Bible story so I had to take it from my own Bible and really explain the bigger words but she didnt struggle at all. Each page of the pack, Button had to write out the number and then do something based on each day. So day 1 she had to colour yellow for light and black for dark  on day three she had to circle the trees and plants etc. She then had to put the story in order and some handwriting practice. This one was all based on handwriting and numbers, the numbers were rather simple for her age but the handwriting was great. Button really enjoyed this story and asked questions about when he made the shops and cars. I explained that came a lot lot later and that I believe he gave the inspiration of building to the people as he didnt build them himself.

Creation booklet

So during our week away we found a lovely Christian book shop (, where Mummy spent far too much on learning resources for Button's learning. One of things she found were little activity books and she was very excited to find one on the Creation. 
   Once home we sat down and did it together. Button was very excited, she loves activity books. It relived the story but with simple questions to reinforce the learning and to help remember what he did on each day. Some questions were maybe beyond her years as she had to guess missing letters but Mummy just gave her the answers and she focused on her handwriting and remembering the story.

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