Jesus & the disciples

How can we be a disciple

We started by reading 'Jesus and his disciples'. A love book by the first Bible story collection. We then talked about why the disciples are important to Jesus and how we are disciples here and now spreading the Good News. We then made a poster using her foot and dividing it in to 7 sections. 
   We discussed what she could do to be a disciple and then we picked one to work on for a week. We went with pray for someone. Then each day after she prays she can colour in one section of the foot. 
   I explained the foot was to show that we are following Jesus. 
   Button really bought in to this idea and has had some lovely alone time with God and Jesus each day to pray.

Clay fish 

You will need clay.

I asked Button to make a clay fish to put by her bed. This will remind her to talk about God with a stranger or worship God playing her c.d and singing along. 
  While she made her fish we re-read the book and at the end I asked her questions. She did really well remembering the story but not so well remembering the names of the disciples. I want to find a fun way to help her remember them but struggling at the moment.

Footprint art

You will need:

6 colours of paint or 12 if u want one for each disciple,
A big roll of paper,
Wet wipes.

Start by rolling your sheet of paper out, then in the centre of the paper write "follow me, said Jesus" then paint your child's feet and get them to step on the paper, wiping off the paint aftet each step and changing colours as you do the next set of feet, till you have 12 sets. Then by each set write a disciple's name. 
 Button loved doing this, she loves painting her hands and feet so I knew I would get her buy in straight away. I let her pick the colours and she was quite happy to sit and write the names out. She thought it was beautiful when it was finished. I kept repeating the names in the hope that some stick.

Puppet show

We spent some time finding out about each disciple. We found out that:
Peter- was probably the most vocal, impulsive, emotional and well known of the disciples. He was sort of leader of the pack. 
James & John – These brothers are called the sons of thunder by Jesus, over excitable and fiery they form the inner circle with Peter and seem glued to Jesus’ side.
Andrew – Leaving John the Baptist, Andrew seeks greater truth in Jesus. While brother to Simon-Peter, Andrew is much less impulsive and outspoken than his fellow Galilean fishermen.
Philip – Is clearly a seeker and will pull people into the discussion, inviting Nathaniel into the crowd. Not to be confused with Philip the deacon who met the eunuch.
Thomas – Is a man of declarations, be they boldly supportive, deeply theological, or famously doubtful, he’s the first to grasp that Jesus is fully God.
Bartholomew – Is a devout Israelite, a true Jew whose faith is very much alive and makes him able to see Jesus for who is really is, the messiah, right from the beginning.
Matthew – Longs to be accepted and loved, something he would never get being a tax collector, he sees an opportunity in Jesus’ invitation and doesn’t hesitate to leave it all behind.
Little James – James the less or the little is probably the most obscure of all the disciples, but Jesus did not always choose the dramatic and some stories are untold.
Simon – Another man of strong convictions, a Zealot defending tradition and Jewishness, to be in a crowd with the tax collector Matthew shows how Jesus would include all in his kingdom.
Thaddeus -Hhe wasn’t very outspoken but may have shared some of Simon's strong beliefs. Some people believe he wrote the epistle Jude.
Judas – The money keeper and betrayer, it’s the 30 pieces of silver and kiss Judas will always be remembered for, the only disciple not to see Jesus resurrected.
After talking about the disciples we got Button to put on a puppet show for the twins. She did some singing and prayers and introduced each disciple. We asked her to do these so she would start remembering their names. Hopefully its helped.

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