Jonah and the whale

Booklet and family night

We found a lovely little activity book focusing on this story in a brilliant Christian book shop in Weston super mare. Button loved it, lots of easy activities built into the story. They got her thinking about the story. 
   I read her the story from My First Bible story collection. I love these books with their lovely pictures and great way of telling the stories for little people, with fun questions on the last page to get them really studying the book and learning the  story. 
   As well as this, we also found a lovely pin from ayearofFHE about having a family evening to talk about the story and get the message across in a fun and family way. This was lovely, we put the twins to bed and sat and talked together. It had a little rhyme to start, then the story. It then told another story with the same message but set now. We were told to tell a story from our life where this message was relevant. Button then had a maze to do, helping Jonah get out of the whale. 
   We finished with a prayer. It was lovely and calm and nice to connect  before bed with each other but also with God.


You will need:

Blue paint,
Black pen,

At the bottom of the paper get your children to write "Jonah taught me to love and obey God". 
 Then paint their hand with blue paint and make a hand print with fingers closed but their thumb pointing up. Then get them to paint a tail on the back of the whale and when dry add a mouth and an eye.
    Button loves painting her body so I let her brush her hand with the blue paint. She couldn't believe we could make her hand look like a whale so she was very impressed with her finished whale. It also gave us some time to talk about the story again.

Jelly belly sensory

You will need:

Yellow jelly (we used 6 sachets),
A bucket,
A little man (Jonah),
A picture of a whale,
Items you might find in a whale.

Make the jelly up and stick the whale to the front of the bucket. Ideally I wanted to draw it with its mouth wide open so it looks like you are putting your hand inside his mouth. Pour all the Jelly and items in the bucket and mix it all up. 
   We had trouble finding plastic fish at short notice but found some frogs and as it was near halloween I thought we would find bones easily but actually all we could find was dolly arms. It didn't look great but the aim of the game is find Jonah. 

We let the twins join in with this one as their weekly sensory play. They were weary at first and Bear figured out straight away what it was and so started eating it. Buttercup was more interested in watching Gran squeeze it. They soon got their hands messy, Buttercup was squeezing her hands through the jelly while Bear was wacking it off of Grans hands. Button was busy finding Jonah then hiding him again then refinding him. I soon got them spoons and cups to play with, they tried scooping, pouring and stirring. It was a lot of fun to watch them learning and playing together.

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