Joseph and the dream coat

Gingerbread man decorating

This was a lot of fun and so simple. We bought ready made gingerbread men and the small tubes of icing and let Button decorate them all with muticoloured coats while Mummy read the story of Joseph again. Once mummy had finished reading we talked about the moral of the story and how God knows his plans for each of us before we are even born. Then Daddy found tbe music to the stage show of Joseph, so we played that while decorating. That afternoon we went to a friend's house and Button took them and shared them with her friends while relaying the story to them. A nice fun activity while learning about the Bible.

Tissue paper painting

You will need:

A piece of paper and a pencil,
Tissue paper in small squares,
Water and a brush.

This is a mess free way to paint which produces a lovely end product. Simply draw the coat out on the paper. Ask your children to cover it in water and the place the tissue paper where they would like it. Once the coat is  covered in tissue paper, use the brush to cover it in water again. 
  Once dry, peel the tissue paper off and underneath it will have left the colour from the tissue paper. 
   Button enjoyed doing this a lot. After making her coat for Joseph, she then carried on to make some lovely pictures for the fridge. Mummy loved it as there wasn't much to clean up after. We will definitely do this activity again.

Joseph pack

I put together a pack of different printouts I found online. I included a story sequence printout, which Button loves to do. After reading the story once she can remembered enough to get the sequence right without help. I also found some sheets to help with her handwriting, and a colouring sheet with a lovely Bible quote for her to colour. Shes not a big colourer but actually got into this one and the end result was beautiful. She always works so hard with her Religious studies.

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