We watched an animated version of Moses on Youtube ( ) to help Button visualise the basic story before starting work on it. 
Daddy took advantage of it being broken down into segments to go over each bit in between to check Button had followed it and knew what was going on. Daddy also took the opportunity to ask if Button had any questions. Button surprised Daddy with how seriously she took it, enjoying the animation, being able to explain what was happening, asking good questions amd most importantly, retaining a knowledge of what happened to be able to tell Mummy later.

Moses art basket

You will need:
A piece of white paper,
A piece of green paper,
Colouring Pens.

Start by folding the paper so that the two sides join, so it's like doors. Now cut a chunk from each folded side so the flaps are short. These will be your reeds. 
  Then cut the same shape of green paper of the folders. These need to be stuck on to your white folded card to make the reeds. Then snip down so it looks likes long reeds.
   On the inside of the card you then draw Moses in the basket and the water. Above the reeds write "Just like Moses, God has a plan for you"

Button really enjoyed doing this activity. She loves cutting so enjoying snipping the grass. She really wants to learn to draw so doing any drawing is really exciting for her at the moment. Shes still not a huge fan of colouring and yet for this activity she wanted to colour it and make it look good. While doing this activity she re told me the story. It was lovely to know she's learning it.

Moses pack

This was another pack from moneysavingmom. I love their packs they have put together, it includes writing, maths, games and more. They keep Button's attention and you dont have to print the whole book which is great as some bits were a little easy for Button. Shes not a huge writer but actually looks forward to these packs. I wish they had made more.

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