Noahs ark

Promise rainbow 

I found a print out of a rainbow to colour that we could then attach some clouds to, like a mobile. On each cloud was a promise from God.  
  While Button coloured in her rainbow I re-read the Noah book from the library and then read the version from my Bible. Button shouted out each time there was a difference. The differences were mostly details. From the Bible version we began to discuss why they took two of each animal. Button figured that one straight away and explained we needed a male and female to make the baby animals. 
    We also got talking about the size of the ark.  I explained that the length was far too long to measure (and even though I knew the width would be too long for our tape measure too) we decided to try and measure the width with our tape measure. We worked out that the width would be three of our tape measures and we would have to go to the park if we really wanted to try. This gave her some insight to how huge the ark was. 
   This was a lovely calm start to our day, she did some amazing colouring for someone who hates colouring and we got to talk about the story and get deeper into it. 
   She didnt finish the colouring so will continue tomorrow and if she does a lovely job she will put it up at the twins dedication as a decoration.

Noahs ark pack

  This was the second pack we got from money saving mom, found through Pintrest. I love them, they have a little of everything and you can just print what you need. We didnt do any of the maths as it was too easy for Button. We did print the handwriting sections as she's struggling with getting a few letters the right way round, the pattern section because she loves patterns, the cutting section and the memory game. 
  Button sat and did all of the pack without moaning or struggling. She is really getting in to each task we set her now and its a joy to watch her work. She seems to be enjoying this story and i'm so glad Daddy found a childrens version from the libary to read with her.

Noah's Ark- Counting in 2s

Mummy and Daddy decided that studying Noah's Ark could be a good opportunity to work with Button on skip counting in 2s. Button already loves the '2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate' rhyme so we had a platform from which to build.

Daddy began by asking Button how many of each animal were on the Ark. When she said two, Daddy went on to explain that to keep track of all the animals on the Ark, Noah and his family would have counted in two's. Daddy then took Button over to her maths board where we have large skip counting numbers.


Button read each number on the 2 up to 26. Daddy then explained to Button that from 20 onwards it just repeats '2,4,6,8' and then the next ten (i.e 30, 40, 50 etc.) 

Button then skip counted in 2s up to 100 with minimal help ( Button seems to struggle with 30 and sometimes 50) and mainly just encouragement.

We finished with a few skip counting games/ activities online:

Naming every animal in the alphabet. 

We began by reading the story from a book we had found in the library. It was a good length for Button's attention span with lovely illustrations.

Then we played a game. We had to think of an animal that might have been on the ark for each letter. Button decided that she should then act out being the animal, which was a lovely idea and made the whole thing more kinesthetic which suits Button down to the ground. We spent a good half hour to forty-five minutes doing this activity. There was occasional uses of google (which became frequent uses for final few letters) when we were unsure what an animal looked like, if it was real or if we could not think of one at all.

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