The birth of Jesus

Stained glass star 

You will need:

Tin foil,
Glue gun,

Start by cutting out a star shape from the cardboard, then using the glue gun draw some lines on one side of the card,. These will be the sections for painting. Then cover in the tin foil and push down and smooth inbetween each section of glue.  
   Fold over the edge so u can see the star shape then get your children to paint in the sections. Button painted over some of the glue lines so before it dried we just wiped carefully with a wetwipe so you saw the silver lines highlighting the sections. 
  Button enjoyed this activity and while she did it we looked at pictures of stained glass windows. We found a lovely one of Mary and Joseph by the manger. Button also told me the story and had remembered it well. 

How would you feel 

We started by reading the story, from the 'My first Bible stories'. She followed the story and it's message rather quickly and so could apply the message to her life today. 
  I found a printable in Pinterest, it focuses on how each person in the story would feel. Button had to match the sentence with the person on how she thought they would feel.  So the injured man was scared and the robbers wanted to run etc. 
  I then asked her to draw a picture of herself helping someone. She drew a person laying on the road side hurt. Button also wanted to write in a speech bubble ' I must help' she then wrote above the drawing "I help my friends like Jesus wants".

Imagine you're the shepherd 

I wanted Button to think about one character in the story. So keeping it simple we read over the story again but I really started asking questions when we got to the shepherd part of the story ready for our activity. 
   Once finished I asked her to pretend she was the shepherd and think about what she thought the shepherd would say to the Angel about going to see baby Jesus. She said "thank you, I'm on my way" as she was so sure that the shepherd would just do as the Angel said and that it was normal for them. I love that she has such pure belief in God that this situation wouldn't faze her. 
   She then had to draw a map from the shepherd to the stable and think about what the front of a book would look like for this story. She focused on Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph, then to my surprise drew a wise man and an angel. I asked her why she did a wise man and she replied because he's a king he's important. So we talked about if Jesus thought the wiseman was more important than the shepherd and why and then I explained that no-one is more important than another person. To Jesus, if you are a king or a poor man you are treated the same. 
   I have noticed over this Christmas period she has been very interested in the wise men so we are going to make a star next.

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