The good saminaton

Helping hands

You will need:
String and hole punch.
Start by drawing around your childs hand 5 times. Cut out the 5 hands and hole punch them then string them together.
   Once the hand booklet is made you can decide between you what helping tasks you add. One per hand, then when you want your child to do one of the tasks you pull the hand out of the booklet.
   Button decided she would help mummy wash up, lay the table, clean the table after dinner, hoover and tidy up the babies toys.
 Button also decided to decorate each hand with colourful stickers. She asked me not to pull her hand apart so I didnt remove the hands as she did the tasks I just remembered what she had done, but you could mark each hand as it's done instead.


I wanted Button to start understanding Bible quotes that teach her the lesson we are learning. 1 John 3:18 is a lovely quote and really addresses what we are learning while reading the Good Samaritan.

"Let us not love with words and speeches but with actions and in truth."

When I first found this quote I panicked it might be a bit long for Button to write without moaning. But actually she got really into it and did some of her best and neatest writing.
   We wrote it under a picture of an outline of a person. I then asked her to place plasters on the outline to show the man in the story that the Samaritan helped. She drew him with a smile because she said he's happy someone helped him. We also re-read the story which I think is important so she really remembers the story.

How would you feel 
We started by reading the story, from the 'My first Bible stories'. She followed the story and its message rather quickly and so could apply the message to her life today. 
  I found a printable in Pinterest- it focuses on how each person in the story would feel. Button had to match the sentence with the person on how she thought they would feel.  So the injured man was scared and the robbers wanted to run etc. 
  I then asked her to draw a picture of herself helping someone. She drew a person laying on the road side hurt. And she wanted to write in a speech bubble 'I must help' she then wrote above the drawing "I help my friends like Jesus wants".

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