Sensory seed play

This started out as a quick activity but we actually ended up getting a lot from it. 

You Will need:
A tub,
Egg box,
Pen and paper,
Magnifying glass.

Step one-
Make small slips of paper that can fit into the egg carton slots. On each of these draw one of the seeds and write the name of the seed. This will where the seeds will be collected. 
Step two-
Fill your tub with rice and add a good amount of seeds. Make sure the seeds are mixed right in and mostly hidden. We used coriander, sunflowers and pea seeds. 
 This activity is to help build up their finger muscles and hand eye coordination while using the tweezers. At the same time building their knowledge of seeds and words and help their counting skills if they then count the seeds. 

We went on to try crushing our seeds which helped build strength in her arm and also became a fun science experiment to see how the seeds changed. If you want to do this part, you will need a pestle and mortar. We ordered a small one for crushing tablets from Amazon.

Button was excited to be doing this activity. She was allowed to use mummy's tweezers and loves anything sensory but also finding things. She found most of the seeds really quickly so asked me to add some harder seeds. I may have gone too hard with dill seeds as we then both struggled to find them. She studied the seeds through the magnifying glass and collected them in the egg cup. She placed each seed with the small drawing I had done. 
   We talked about how she wanted to try coriander; how the pea was wrinkly and hard; how the seeds from the sunflower came from the actual flower and that these were the seeds she had collected with Daddy the year before. Button asked questions like "if the seeds are part of the flower, which came first the seed or the flower?" For a 5 year old I thought this a rather intelligent question, which unfortunately Mummy couldn't answer but we will try and find out together. 
   She then started to become a bit bored and we had just bought her a pestle and mortar so we decided to crush the seeds to see what happened. 
   The coriander crushed down the best and easiest, into a nice powder and smelt lovely. (I had never smelt crushed coriander seeds before and it reminded me of lavender).  The sunflower seeds split into two and the pea was so hard we couldnt do anything to it. So we decided to leave it in water to see if it would soften enough to be crushed. 
So what started out to be a quick sensory play ended up an array of ways to learn which Button and Mummy both enjoyed doing together.

Studing flowers

This was over two days. We started by going on a nature walk, we took a clip borad with paper, pencils, rubber etc and then her magnify glass, binconurs, camera and infusiman and set off to the local lakes. We let Button lead the way and ask her questions as we walked about what was around us. Unfortunately dur to the late snow theres wasnt many flowers but we did find some pods with seeds in and a shell of a horse chestnut along with lots of buds. We bought them back home for a closer look. 
  The following day we came back to what we found and set to drawing them. Looking closely at them and then cutting them up to see what was inside. Why Button did these things i asked questions like how does it feel? what colours are they? what do u think will be inside? why do u think its spiky?
  We ready a great book from usbone books, how do flowers grow. This explained alot to Button and after examining what she found she could contect it all together. Button is only just starting to get into her drawing so having to draw four pictures was hard going for ger but she did some great pictures and loved cutting them up and discovering what was inside

Flower painting

You will need:
And anything else you want to try painting or printing with.

This was a last minute add on lesson. For ages I've been wanting to do celery printing. It's meant to look like a flower when you use the celery end as a stamp. 
  I saved a celery end a while back and Daddy didnt realise what it was for and fed it to the tortoise. I tried to save a second one a few weeks later and Nanny didnt realise and threw it away after trying to be helpful. 
   So finally this week I managed to save one and it worked out perfect timing for our planting theme. We got out some paints and off we went. We also tried cutting apples into shapes of tulips and used a fork to paint a sunflower. She included the yellow pollen and worked hard on her stems and leaves. 
  Button really went for it with this activity, she pushed her imagination as hard as she could and produced some beautiful pictures that really brighten up the room when put around our white board. 
   One of the pictures she was painting reminded me of 'starry night' by Vincent van Gogh. She remembered it and 'sunflowers' from when we did famous artists and so while painting she was making up stories of a famous artist and their paintings of flowers. It was such a joy to watch.


Flower dyeing 

You will need

Food colouring
Something to keep ur flowers in (we used our test tubes)

Trim ur flowers down to fit into ur container then get your child to fill with the container with water and add the food colouring. Give it a good stir and add the flower. 
 Place it in a sunny spot and wait to see the outcome. Button then  wrote in her scinece observation book what she thought would happen and drew a picture. She thought it wouldnt work. 
  After just a fee hrs we saw a change and then after a few days we saw an even bigger change. So she wrote what actually what happened and drew an after picture. 
   Button really enjoyed this experiment and we got to talk about how the flowers drink and water travels up the stem. 

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