Painting rocks

You will need:

Acrylic paint,

This is really big in our area and lots of people paint rocks and hide them in the local parks. All you need to do is use your imagination and paint whatever you like. You can give it a base colour then wait for it to dry, draw your imagination with a pencil then paint it or draw it with the sharpies. 
   Once dry, varnish and place it in your garden or get in on the local action and hide it in your park. 

Button loves doing these, we have hidden a few in our local park, but this time she wanted to do a special one for her Great Grandma so she did a little girl holding a love heart balloon to put in the commemorative garden where her ashes are.

Simple rock facts

Today we had a rock and I asked Button to tell me everything she could about it. She started with telling me it was bumpy, so I asked are all rocks like that? Button replied with "no some are smooth" so I wrote it down.  I could see that she was going to get a lot from this simple study, she has loved rocks and pebbles since she was a toddler and walking so its nice to finally be teaching her a little about them. She then went on to describe the colours and named some more you would find on rocks, where we can find them and how they sounded. Then she told me the rock was hot (it had been sitting in our very hot garden) but then she told me something I didnt think she would get without help. She said but if the garden was cold the rock would be cold, I was taken back by this very clever point but told her she had to prove it and so we put the rock in the freezer. After half an hour we checked it and she was right, it was freezing. I then went over a very basic "where do rocks come from?" I explained that we have mountains and from them we get boulders and stones, from stones we get pebbles, from pebbles- sand and from sand- dust. She was amazed by this and couldn't understand how, until I explained that wind, rain and earthquakes break up the mountain to form boulders and rocks etc. She then asked how do we have rocks in our garden when we don't live near a mountain- what an amazing question for a 5 year old! I love how she wants answers and questions everything. I explained that the sea can carry them,the wind blow them, that some people move them and you buy some in shops (which made her want to buy some). I also found a good sheet on Pinterest, "what would you build from rocks?" Button wanted to make a rock pool which made me happy as she had taken something away from yesterday's sensory play. But after a while she decided a play house with a slide into the rock pool would be even better. This was a lot of fun and a great start to learning about rocks.

Sensory Rock pools

You will need:

Toy sea animals,
Truff tray.

I built some areas of rocks and shells to make it look like rock pools, for Button to explore. In hindsight, I wish I had got Button to help me set up. We did encourage her to move them around to make her own rock pools after a while but I think we would have got more buy in if we had got her to help set up. We also had the wrong sea animals but she made do perfectly. She started by hiding the sea creatures and getting Mummy to find them, then she started telling stories about how she went looking for snails to eat and then her Daddy would make beautiful things out of the shells to sell. At one stage she was a mermaid so we told her about mermaid purses and showed her pictures of them and what they really were. 
   We went through what she might find in a real rock pool, ready for when we go to Weston in a few weeks time to visit family. We always go to the big rocks at the far end of Weston to look for rock pools, so we wanted to get her excited as this year shes old enough to remember it and also find it fun and interesting. Unfortunately this sensory play didnt go down as well as I had hoped. I think because it was such a beautiful day she just wanted to play plus she had had a late night at Nan's the night before so was very tired. This didnt stop her imagination when she did play though. Also Buttercup was awake and out with us so we let her explore as well, she loved it.

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