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We receive a great geography monthly box from Little Passports. I love this box and we are about to embark on our third year. We had a weather pack a few months back and I asked Button if we could save it for this month. 
   It was great, we got to not only learn about different weathers but how different countries have different weathers and seasons.  
   So let me tell you a little about Little Passports. We have the 'little explorers' pack as Button is only 5. The first one came with a cool suitcase to keep everything in (Our handle broke after the first year and I had to find other ways to store it all) and each month you receive a booklet of games to fill in that encourage maths, reading, writing and geography. You get a label tag to colour and attach to your suitcase and a sticker to stick on it. You also get four stickers to stick to your big world map (you get the big world map in the first pack) and a pen pal letter from Max and Mia. These are the characters traveling around and they share what they learn with you. You also get a toy based on what the theme of the month is. This month was weather and they sent a lovely felt weather board with pieces to change depending on the weather. 
  Button always loves doing this and you can see the improvement from the first year to the second. She loves the little facts they give you and filling out her booklet. 
  I'm not great with geography so thats why we went with this monthly subscription and we have not been disappointed. It teaches so much more than just geography.

Making a rain cloud

You will need:
A jar or big glass,
Shaving foam,
Blue Food colouring, 
Small container.

Fill the small container with water and add a few drops of blue food colouring (the rain).
Fill the big glass with water (this is the air) and add the shaving foam to the top so it looks like a cloud. 

We talked about how a rain cloud is lots and lots of tiny water droplets collected together. I asked her what she thought would happen if the water got too heavy. Then we added the blue water slowly on the rain cloud using the pipette. It slowly started to rain. 

Button loved this experiment. I made it very simple for her as shes only 5 and I think this was a great introduction to clouds and the weather without filling her with information she would not understand and would forgot. I wanted to keep it fun for her at the same time so once she understood the process of why it rains I gave her a few different colours to add and we made rainbow rain. This was a great success and I think a good one to go back to either for help when going more in-depth with the learning or just for some fun.


This was a fun morning. I found a pack on Pinterest all about clouds. It included information about clouds which i think was a little to in-depth for Button's age. I did go over that clouds are water droplets that have all grouped together. 
   Also in the pack was a drawing of each type of cloud, their name and a description of what each looked like and their place in the sky. 
  We then had to work out what the clouds looked like today. 
   She then had a cloud to make into  something else: - she went for an icecream. Next was a word search which I thought would be a struggle and she would give up after 2 or 3 words but she kept going for quite a while, finding more than half of the words. 
   We then ended with some puff painting which is same quantities of glue and shaving foam. 
   We put a lump of it in the middle of the paper and she used her finger to draw a dinosaur. We then wrote "it sometimes looks like a dinosaur but it's a cloud". 
   Button really enjoyed this activity and I think it was a fun way to start to learn about clouds.

As we were going to be looking at the weather, Daddy thought it might be interesting for Button to build a weather station. The aim being to show the different attributes of weather that we can look at, as well as their effects.

So Daddy looked through Pinterest and found some simple projects to make up our weather station: for a wind vane, rain gauge and barometer. for wind speed.

We also ordered a thermometer from Amazon:

Daddy and Button then spent most of the day collecting the bits they needed and putting together the five elements of our weather station. With Daddy's advice, Button selected where each weather device should be sited (4 in the garden and the Barometer indoors). Button got some real satisfaction from putting together these weather measuring tools and then seeing them in situ. Unfortunately (?) it was was a lovely day which is quite boring when it comes to measuring weather!

Daddy then set up a chart for Button to fill in twice a week to record our measurements. Due to the time of year, the temperature was the only element that gave us any readings really as there was little to no rain or wind. The barometer  only showed a change in pressure on one day so we are not sure if we made it correctly. So we took the temperature readings and made a graph as Button has been touching on graphs in her maths. Daddy showed Button how to use the data to make a bar chart and after demonstrating, had Button draw the lines of the bars. Although Button did not fully seem to grasp how to plot a graph ( she could do ot with assistance), she immediately grasped the visual usefulness of the graph to interpret our readings. Button immediately pointed out the hottest day and when the temperature went up or down.

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