To start our Autumn theme off we all took a walk to the park to look at different trees, we collected some acorns and conkers along with some other bits and these became really useful for our maths' display. This also got us talking about seeds and now they they become trees. Including how they can travel by the wind and birds. 

 I laid out our @elle.and.bee loose parts and used the colours of the falling leaves so we could talk about autumn. We spoke about animals and hibernation and all the seeds and nuts they stash away to eat during the cold months ahead. It was lovely that after all this play Bear wanted to draw conkers and Buttercup wanted me to draw her a bird to colour in. They are really interested in nature at the moment and I love it. 


So one afternoon we decided to try our hand at making some crisps (as you do lol). We made ready salted, salt and vinegar and paprika. We even roasted off the skins with paprika and salt. While they were taking up the oven in batches, we made some peanut butter no cook pumpkins. These are rather yummy and rather easy.  


To carry on our Autumn theme, myself and the Twins made some squirrel and hedgehog biscuits dipped in chocolate. The Twins did really well with listening to the instructions and loved using the mixer. Normally that's Buttons job but she was busy with Daddy today. Everyone said they tasted really nice as well.


We printed some Twinkl sheets to do autumn maths play. The first sheet was to practice writing numbers and the second was a great game to help recognise numbers. The game was a lot of fun, you roll the dice, add up the score and colour in the leaf. The adding part was ahead of the twins but I did that part and got them to point out the number I said. 


Art - Autumn trees
So we decided to paint some autumn trees. We did this two ways: The first was using cotton wool and pegs as paint brushes. The Twins loved this effect and did a few more pictures when their trees were done; The second way was hand and finger prints. They asked to use their hands to paint so I quickly came up with this idea and I think it worked really well. They loved it and their trees look awesome! It was great to reinforce the colours the leaves turn and talk about why the tree loses it's leaves for winter. 


The Autumn playdough we ordered from Scarlett senses was amazing. We had two doughs, a purple dough that smelt of blackberries and an orange dough that smelt like pumpkin. As well as brown rice we also had a huge pumpkin bag full of loose parts. Full of pine cones, acorns, dried fruit slices, leaves and so much more. The children loved it: they sat and made prints in the playdough with the loose parts; they made animals and people from the playdough and loose parts; they made cocktails and used the cinnamon as straws. I love watching their imaginations as they explore and create. 

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