Christmas 2018

Christmas cards

You will need:

Finger paints (we chose red, yellow and blue),
Black pen.

Fold the card in half. Draw a black line across the front of the card, adding some twists so it looks like wire. Then one colour at a time, use your childrens' finger prints to add the lights to the wire. 
  Button did these simple and quick cards for the neighbours. She loves messy painting but this suited both Button and Mummy as she was using her fingers to paint and enjoying the feel of the paint but it was controlled and easy to clean up. The end result were lovely. 


We have put together a word board of all the things Button could think of that were Christmassy. They are there all the time and Mummy suddenly thought how can we actually use them? Especially as we are working on handwriting at the moment as well. So we sat Button down and got her to write "I can see..." and then pick a word. After the second time of writing "I can see" we got her to do it without looking. Mummy only asked her to do three but she enjoyed it so much she wanted to do a fourth one. She has  even asked to do it again with new themes and words. Mummy was really impressed with her attitude to it. 

Decorate a jumper

You will need:

Pom poms,
(Anything goes).

Draw out the shape of a jumper on the card and cut them out. Then let your children decorate them. This was a nice easy activity to do. So easy I set it up and left Button doing it with her Nanny.  She loved doing this and getting into the Christmas spirit. She loved the sequins and some of the jumpers reminded me of some in the shops. She spent a good hour decorating and we hung them up using pegs on string as if drying on the line. A great Christmas decoration with a difference. 

Sweet wrapper window decorations 

You will need:

Quality Street wrappers,
Black card,
Laminator pouches,

Start by cutting out an outline of anything Christmassy. We went with a Christmasmas tree, a present, a snowman and a bauble. Place the outline on the laminate pouch then get your children to fill the middle with the wrappers- they might need cutting down. Then it just needs laminating. 

Button was given a small box of Quailty Street from her Nanny as soon as it got slighty Christmassy. Button loves them, I told her each time she ate one to keep the see through wrappers. We soon had a small bag full. 
   Button loved being able to recycle them, she had pinched a few and stuck them to some ribbon to make herself some coloured glasses. 
   She really enjoyed making these window decorations, hence the amount we made. She kept thinking of new outlines and we carried on till we ran out of wrappers and only had little off cuts left. They made our window look beautiful. 

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