Cupcake week 

Cupcake week

So with it being National cupcake week we decided to try out dramatic play. This is where you base most of their learning around role play. For this we built a cupcake shop. Button had to decorate a shop (which we will use for more dramatic play in the future by changing the signs); we then made different types of cakes; the menus and signs. This will tie in art, maths and writing then the actual playing will encourage creative play, build their imagination, maths skills, communication and many other skills. It was so much fun, Button was constantly asking "what are we doing next." Plus we had family over on the Sunday so she had plenty of customer's.

Puff paint 

You will need these for the glitter donuts, polystyrene cupcakes and the posters. This is very easy and your children can help make it. 

You will need 
Shaving foam (white) 
Food colouring (optional) 

Step one 
Mix the shaving foam and glue together

Step two
Add a few drops of food colouring if you want. We did one without and one with.


For this we used a display board and cut out windows. A large one for Button to sit behind and two smaller ones. 
 We then let her paint it however she wanted. 
I had some blackboard spray left so I got some thick card, sprayed it using the spray and then using velcro tape I attached it the shop front. I've used velco on all signs so we can change them depending on what game we are playing. 
  She then wrote her shop name out for the sign at the top. All of this encouraged her creative and writing skills. Having to make a name up and think what to write on the board. She wrote: welcome to my cafe. She had hours of fun doing all this and was always excited for the next activity.

Clay cupcakes 

You will need 
Air dry clay
Acrylic Paints
Cupcake holders

Step one
Make your cupcakes from the clay, we also made donuts as Button is donut mad and wanted choice in her shop.

Step two
Leave to dry (may take a few days)

Step 3
Paint. Its as easy as that. 

Button loves clay, so I knew she would love this activity. She got me to make the donut base as she was struggling to make the hole big enough but she made all the decorations  and then started making her own donuts after watching me a few times. We had to wait 3 days before we could paint them and for once she tried really hard to paint the cupcake or donut and the decorations different colours.  She was very proud with how they turned out.

Glitter donuts

You will need:
Paper plates
Puff paint 

Step one. 
Gently bend the paper plate in half and cut out a circle from the middle. This is the base of your donut. 

Step two
Paint them. 

Step three
Once dry add puff paint and glitter. 

Button LOVES glitter!! So it wasnt hard to get her buy in for this one. Actually it was harder to stop her wanting to glitter everything in sight. She actually helped make the puff paint and loved the effect when it was dry.

Posters 1

You will need: 
Coloured paper

Step one. 
Cut up shapes that resemble cup cake holders, the top of a cupcake and sprinkles. 

Step 2.
Let your children make cupcake pictures. 

Button enjoyed this activity a lot she loves cutting and sticking. I cut the bigger shapes and I let her do some scissors practice by cutting out the sprinkles. We then turned her notice board (which is the fire place) into a shop window. I had some old material we used as curtains and masking tape for the window panes. Then we stuck her posters up. 

Poster 2
You will need
Puff paint

Step one 
Make the puff paint (we used the food colouring one)

Step two 
Draw and cut out a big cupcake

Step three
Let ur children paint the cupcake with the puff paint. Make it thick so it resembles icing. 

Step four 
Add the buttons for sprinkles. 

Button loved this activity as she got to make the puff paint first. She loves messy things. I let her get messy with the left overs but you dont have to. The end results were amazing, the puff paint really did puff up.

Polystyrene cupcakes

You will need:
Polystyrene balls
A knife
Paper cups
Puff paint 
Glitter (optional)

Step one 
Cut the polystyrene balls in half using the knife. 

Step two
Take your paper cup and cut it about half way down (you want the polystyrene sphere  to sit on top of it like a cupcake in a wrapper) 

Step three 
Paint the sphere

Step 4 
Once dry add the puff paint to look like icing and then add glitter. 

These were a lot of fun to make and I think looked really good at the end. I might not have added glitter if it wasnt out for the donuts. The puff paint when you paint it on can look flat, I actually questioned the point of it in my head but once it drys it puffs up and is amazing for this sort of art as it looked like real icing.


This was where we did her writing practice. We picked names and prices for each of the cupcakes or donuts she made and she copied the words that I wrote out. We decided to do 5 of these, so she wrote it once and I photo copied it but you can just do one that everyone shares. We then had plastic sleeves that I bought. You can use a dry board pen on them and then wipe them off so the paper doesnt get written on. 
  I was very proud of Button with her writing, she really tried hard to copy each letter and to stay on the line. Everyone could read what she wrote without help.
  We also wrote up signs, the name of the shop (which was stuck on the shop with velco so we can change it) and an open and closed sign. I got black card and used black board pens to write open and closed. I also got some card and sprayed it with blackboard paint for the front of her shop. She then wrote "welcome to my shop" these were all fun ways to practice writing.

Playing cupcake shop. 

We kept the prices under 10p so Button had simple maths and I filled her till with pennys but everyone had 30p (1 x 20p and 1 x 10p). She would hand out the menus, let the customers tick their order, add what they owed with a calculator and then worked out the change. She also wrote our reciepts. We had a lot of people around and she became confused quite quickly so we played again alone later which gave her more time to work stuff out. It was a good maths game without her even realising.

Real cupcakes
Button loves baking, so I took the chance to bake some real cupcakes for the family who were over at the end of the week. What a fun way to include some science and maths. Weighing out and mixing. She did most of it alone she just needed me to help with the amounts but even that she helped me with. I would tell her what number to look for on the scale as she added to bowl. It was a lot of fun and the end result was yummy.

For the cupcakes:
200g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
4 medium eggs
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste or extract
pinch salt
200g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
Gel food colouring in: red, yellow, green, blue and purple

First, preheat your oven to 160C/gas mark 4 and pop some large cupcake cases in a 12 hole muffin/cupcake tin.
Have your gel food colours to hand, along with four small bowls (cereal sized) before you start.
In a stand mixer, or by hand, beat together the butter and sugar with the vanilla until it's completely mixed and light and fluffy. Beat in two eggs followed by half of the flour (100g), then the other two eggs and final 100g of flour, plus the salt and baking powder.
Next, divide your mixture into five bowls (so four additional bowls to the one you're already using), putting roughly the same amount of mixture into each bowl. Start with your purple gel food colouring, using a flat knife to scoop a pea sized amount of colouring into a bowl of batter. Mix the colour in thoroughly, adding more gel if necessary until you have the colour you're happy with. Then, use a tablespoon to divide the mixture into your cupcake cases, one scant tbsp in each.
Repeat with the blue, green, yellow and red colourings and your remaining batter, and then bake your cupcakes for 15-20 minutes in the middle of your oven. We don't want to bake them on the top shelf as they will brown and you'll lose some of the effect of the rainbow

Bath bombs 
This was a fun science experiment, really easy and fun to do. Unfortunately our end result wasn't particularly amazingin terms of fizziness once in the bath . Nevertheless, Button loved making them and using them and they were so easy we will definately try again. They did not fizz like a shop bought one but it fizzed enough to keep Button happy and asking for another one in her next bath.

2 cups baking soda
1 cup cream of tartar
1/2 cup epsom salt
2 tablespoons almond oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essential oil
3/4 tablespoon water
Gel food coloring
Silicone cupcake liners
Star sprinkles
Cupcake pan
Cupcake liners

1. Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl: baking soda, cream of tartar, and epsom salt.
2. In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients: almond oil, vanilla essential oil, and water.
3. Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients while stirring with your hands. If too much water is added at once, the baking soda will begin to fizz.
4. If the mixture doesn’t reach the desired consistency (sticking together like wet sand), add more water using a spray bottle.
5. Divide the mixture into 4 parts, or more, depending on how many different colors you would like the bath bomb to be. Add pink, yellow, blue and purple gel food coloring to each and stir thoroughly.
6. Line the cupcake pan with silicone cupcake liners. Scoop the colors in as desired to achieve multicolored layers.
7. Pack down the mixture. Use your palm to round the top of the cupcake. Add star sprinkles.
8. Let dry 24-48 hours

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