This week, our topic was fireworks. Button is still quite young so we decided that we did not want to go into why we celebrate the 5th of November as she would struggle with dark nature of the history of Guy Fawkes. However, this year was the first year she got very excited about the idea of fireworks so we went with it. We set the classroom up with a sensory/craft, a rocket letters game and a W tray. (Shes already comfortable with F so we went with W for work. We also did some firework paintings downstairs and some firework cookies on a separate day.

Firework sensory/craft

You will need 
Toilet tubes
Tin foil
Tissue paper
Pom poms
Pipe clearners

Lay everything out and let them play and explore each item then let them build rockets.

Button loved this activity and built three lovely rockets for her display board. We let her use the scissors for practice as it was mostly only tissue paper to cut, but she did well. She really enjoyed using her imagination to make colourful rockets and came back to the tray throughout the week to just play and explore the textures of each thing.

Word rockets

You will need 
Card (different colours and a sheet to stick them on to)

Start by cutting out lots of squares, trangles and flames. You can use other shapes if you like.
Then on each square write letters that will form a word when put together. So we picked her name and then the words "and", "the" and "to". We picked these as they are the words she is learning to read at the moment.
Then lay them out as if they are a puzzle for her to build into a rocket. 

Button enjoyed this activity as much as finding the right the letters and making the word but she was put off by the gluing. So mummy did the gluing. We then did the same thing for her name in her journal and she did both steps this time. I love games like this, as she doesnt even realise she is learning something and just has fun. More importantly they help me to gauge how well she is picking bits up, in order to discover her favourite learning style. Playing is a great way to learn but different games will be more or less effective at different times, moods and ages, so it is handy to be aware of what currently stimulates her.

Firework painting

You will need 
Pom poms 
Black card 

Set out your paints. Each colour should have a separate pom pom. Each pom pom should have a peg clipped to it. This will become the handle. Then let them paint using the pom pom. Once they are happy with their firework explosions let them add some squeezy glue and glitter. 

Button loves glitter, so this activity was always going to be a favourite. She ended up making three pictures and then painted some rocks (her other love!) lol. We used large pom poms, but in future, when Button is older it might be cool to have different size pom poms. That way she could print a smaller explosion inside a larger explosion. This would give layers and make even more colourful.

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