Button has been going on at us for a long time now to learn how to sew. We wanted to finish Africa first so she could fully focus on sewing, as we knew if she was tired or had had a busy day learning she wouldn't be interested. As she was the one who wanted to learn we wanted her to enjoy it. We started with a toy sewing machine she was bought years ago, (which has now made us realise she is ready for a real sewing machine) and she decided she wanted to make a cushion. We used some of the lovely African Kente cloth we had for the front and then she decided she wanted a plain back so we cut up one of Daddy old t.shirts. I was so impressed with her doing this idea as it's upcycling and this was one of things we wanted to teach her this week. But she already knew about it and couldn't wait to turn something we already had into something new. 

  We measured everything out using a tape measure and chalk and then cut out the squares.

     She decided the black was very plain and so we started with hand sewing. She got some red butterfly embellishments and sewed them on to the black. We then pinned the two sides of the cushion together and I taught her how to use the sewing machine. Unfortunately the thread was so thick (so little hands could use it) that it didn't hold very well and the pillow was starting to fall apart as soon as we had finished sewing it. However, I did manage to get one picture of the cushion before it really fell apart. I was so gutted for her as she had worked so hard and enjoyed it. The pillow looked amazing and we would have definitely used it. It made me so proud of her and excited to get her a real sewing machine for Christmas. 

    The other technique she really wanted to learn was embroidery hoops. I have a few from @RoliRebels and she kindly send Button some hoops, material and threads for her to create her own. She was so excited I was suprised she had picked to start with the sewing machine activity first. 

So she started by drawing out some ideas, then once she was happy she was ready to draw on to the material. I showed her how to put it in the hoop and how tight it should be. She then picked all the different colour threads she wanted and got sewing. She loved doing it so much that she started sewing during films and when she was bored. I can't wait to see it finished. This was brillant to see, her interested in something more than her tablet. Im really hoping this is something she continues to do regularly.  


   We had some "my first" kits but we soon realised Buttercup and Bear were a little young for them this time. So we shall now put them away for when they are a bit older. 

The Twins had a very relaxed week, lots of drawing outfits and colouring in clothes. I set their @scarlatt_senses playdough out to be able to create outfits on some playdough mats we made. They loved all the colours and textures, Buttercup made some brillant feather shoes by pushing feathers into the playdough, she also added necklaces, Bear added spots to his dress by using blue diamonds and thought it very important that his person had eyes. 

    We also had some threading left out for them to explore and practice threading beads to create necklaces etc. They love threading but do struggle with the smaller beads so I purposely put the small beads out so they could work on them. 

        We have a Mr tumble felt board we bought when Button was small which they all love so that came out to dress Justin in all sorts of outfits. The final thing left out for them was some feathers and polystyrene packing peanuts. We wanted them to push the feathers into the packing peanuts. Some were harder to do than others. They became bored very quickly and just went off with the feathers. 

          Activity Wise, we did two crafts using wool. The first was the letter D made from cardboard for them to wrap wool around. They had to thread the wool through the hole in the middle of the D and wrapping it around the body of the letter. They started really well but as soon as the wool started to unravel it became really tricky and even with help they became bored. I still loved how their D's turned out though. 

             The second activity was Christmas cards (yes I know it's super early, but I knew these would look good for Xmas, so I thought I could put them away ). I cut Christmas shapes out of the front of the card and then stuck double sided sticky tape down the edges of the shape. Then I pre-cut loads of different colour wools into small lengths that fitted perfectly across the shapes. Button wanted the snowman, Bear the bauble and Buttercup the stocking. They then stuck the the wool to the sticky tape and it formed lines of colour across the shape on the card. Once they were done I covered them in more card. The children did amazing with this activity and the cards look amazing. 

We really enjoyed this week, the relaxed approach and learning some new skills, skills that they can use for so many things. If Button continues to love sewing and embroidery and practices, she could make so many things.

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