Healthly eating again

Balanced plate and chart

Today I wanted Button to understand a little more about a balanced diet. I printed out an empty plate which was divided into the food groups. I asked Button to draw some food items in the right sections on the plate. We talked about what each food group did for us, what way it helped our bodies develop and stay healthy. We talked about why we needed more of some and less of others. This lead us into her chart. For a week I wanted her to record what foods she eats each day so we can see how healthy she really is. This was also to give her a little ownership of it so if she knows she's short of something, to let us know or help herself to it.
   This actually started out really well, she took it very seriously and her vegetable intake improved.
  Since learning about Japan in October and having her new lunch box she has become healthier and has been eating more of a variety.  Unfortunately though we had a crazy weekend and even Mummy and Daddy weren't on it as much as we should have been.
   However, it was a great way to look closely at how well we eat and where we need to improve.

How much sugar?

This was fun so Button enjoyed this game. I found a poster on Pinterest of different foods and their sugar content in sugar cubes. I thought what a fun away to show her, especially by turning it into a game of higher or lower. So I covered up the sugar content and just had each food item showing. Button really enjoyed it, I drew the arrow that she thought and then we checked to see if she was right. The last line I let her draw the arrows. We then touched a little on balanced diets as she thought daddy would be ok if he only drunk the cider from now on and not beer or wine (not that she knew the sugar content of these but because the cider was only 5 sugar cubes) so we Googled beer and found out there was no sugar in it. She then said then he should just drink that. I thought this was a great opportunity to explain a little about balanced diets and how even though it had no sugar it was full of carbs and so would be bad to only drink that all time. I explained that our bodies need carbs but they also need to be worked off so if we just sit and eat loads of carbs we will put on weight but if we eat carbs and then do exercise it's better for us. With her being young I want her to understand the importance of healthy eating but not have her worrying about her weight so I only touched on this.
    She then decided that Mummy needed to work out and we went to the living room to do a work out that she's learnt in her gym class. This was a lot of fun and she loved telling Mummy what to do.

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