Healthy eating 

We started this week buy taking Button to the market and letting her pick the fruit and veg she wanted to try. She picked some favourites and also some things she had never had before like plantain, sharon fruit and pomegranate. 
Throughout healthy eating week we talked a lot about what is good for you and which part of the body it could be good for. For example, milk is good for the bones whilst red meat and green veg is good for the blood. We talked about where some fruit and veg came from, so root veg came from the ground etc. 
   She has also helped us cook healthy dinners and I taught her how to peel some vegetables. We also looked at how the vegetables change texture when cooked. We were adding swede and potato to a healthy stew, so while preparing we felt the swede and potatoes and squeezed them. We talked about how hard they were and the colour of them. Then when dinner was ready we looked again at the texture and colour change. She really got into this subject and enjoyed herself. She impressed me and dad with her passion for the topic and trying all the vegetables and different fruits.

Veg patch small world

You will need 
Mud in a big container 
A selection of vegetables 
A bowl of water 
Spade, spoons (anything to help them dig)
Sponge (for scrubbing)
A truff tray or floor covering

Fill the container with mud. You want one with high sides to contain the mud but shallow enough for them to play and dig. Then place the veg in rows like in a field. Have the bowl of water and utensils set up next to the veg patch.  I set it all up on the truff tray as it got messy. 

Button sat and played for a good half an hour with this activity.
She dug up the veg and washed them then re planted them and started again. This encouraged her hand eye coordination as she had to dig each veg individually. I also watched as she studied each veg as she washed it and re planted it. A leaf came off the Brussel sprout and she rolled it up and was feeling the texture. She then added all the water to the mud and saw the texture change from dry to mushy. She realised that wet mud became sticky. 
  When she had finished she asked if she could taste each vegetable. So we took them to the sink and gave them a really good clean. She tasted each one and I explained they were raw. She didn't like any of them but she said I'm sure they would taste better cooked, which made me giggle. 

Healthy eating Vs junk food

You will need 
Two paper plates
Cut outs of different foods

For this task Button had to work out what was junk food and what was healthy food and stick them to the right plates. She enjoyed this and could easily tell when what was healthy and what was junk, the challenge seemed to be working out what each food was. She had not seen a raw steak before so thought it was salmon. But once I told her what each food was, she knew which plate to stick it on to. She said she wished chocolate was healthy which was funny

Vegetable printing. 

You will need
A selection of veg

This one was a lot of fun. Button really got involved and helped me pick the vegetables that would give a good print. She picked the colours she wanted and then got to work printing a big picture. She enjoyed it so much we made a few more pictures. She wanted to paint some pictures of vegetables. She wanted to paint a purple carrot so I explained they were real and showed her pictures of purple carrots. She then asked me to draw an apple so she could paint it. She painted it blue and when I said are apples blue she replied with yes I'll show u on my pretend phone. Love her imagination.

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