This week we took Button for her first trip to the dentist. So we based her week all round teeth. She has always been a good girl when it comes to brushing them so we used the opportunity to teach her what is good and bad for her teeth and how to look after them. 
   This was the first week in around 6 months that I went back to our old (Montessori) style of learning. We laid everything out in her class room and let her explore and play with whatever she wanted and for as long as she wanted. We also left the activities out all week so that she could revisit as she pleased. 
   The first day of introducing the theme I started with some songs and one was about brushing your teeth. This was fun because even though she brushes her teeth regularly, the songs reinforced the way you should do it singing about going left, right, up and down and round. This she took away with her and used during the activities.

Cleaning a tooth
You will need   
White card
A laminator 
A black white board pen
A tooth brush 
A pot of water

Draw a tooth on the card and laminate it. Then draw black marks or spots on to it with the white board pen and let your child brush them off using the water and tooth brush. 

Button loved this game and we practiced what we had learnt in the brushing song. She brushed left to right, up and down and all around. She then drew dirt on the tooth and got me to clean it, which she loves as she plays teacher a lot. Then we spoke about what was bad for our teeth and I drew each thing she named on to the tooth then she cleaned them off. I think this visually helped her see what wasnt good for your teeth and that brushing them helped remove it.

Painting a tooth
You will need 
Yellow card ( so the tooth looks dirty and so the white paint shows up)
White paint
A tooth brush

Draw a big tooth on ur yellow card and then let your little one paint it using the tooth brush. This encourages brushing and gives them a chance to see the effect of different brushing actions ( up and down; round and round etc.).

Button enjoyed this activity but it took a few days of going back to it to fill the whole tooth with white.

Counting out teeth

You will need 
Pink card 
Black marker 
A dice or flash card numbers

Draw an open mouth and add circles for teeth. You can add as many circles as you like. We r working on the number 20 so we added 20 circles. 
Then i wrote out 11 to 20 on small pieces of paper. If you are doing smaller numbers you can use a dice or two. Or just use flash cards.
As the child gets older you can have two numbers they have to add together to get the total.
Then they pick a number and count out the marshmellows to make teeth.

Button loves numbers but the marshmallows were distracting as she loves marshmallows and it soon become one for the mouth and one for me lol. I think I would use counters or buttons next time for the teeth. A good game to help count though.

Building a tooth
You will need 
White card x 2 sheets 
Pink card 
Red thread or wool
A crown or picture of one

Draw and cut out a tooth, writing root on the root. Cut out a long strip of pink card and write gum. Then write crown on the crown. Let your little one put together like a puzzle and once all stuck down write nerve next to the red wool nerve. 

Button enjoyed this activity. I made the tooth up first explaining each part of the tooth and then Button copied me. Depending on how old your child is you can decide on how in depth you want to go with the names of each part of the tooth and how detailed you draw each part of it. Button is still very young so we kept things basic and actually she enjoyed making the tooth up and then mixing it up and doing it again. We didnt stick it together till the end of the week.

Good and bad food 

You can do this lots of different ways, you can draw two teeth and stick good and bad food to them. Or like we did and have a good tray and a bad tray and use toy food. This was based more about healthy and unhealthy foods. We kept it fairly basic for Button,  so sugar is bad for your teeth whereas milk is a good form of calcium and so good for your teeth. I wanted her to realise and focus on the fact that sugar is bad for your teeth and so the importance of brushing them. She didnt stuggle with this and i think doing healthy eating the week before helped. We have always been encouraging around food and meal times, which seems to have helped her not to be a fussy eater. 

We also had information on the white board about what was good for our teeth, how to look after them and also what our teeth did. We had a chat through all of these and then referred back throughout each activity.

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