Dinosaurs at hall place

Dinosaurs at Hall Place

DINO LIVE temporary exhibition - Hall Place & Gardens

Home Education came into its own on this "School trip". We were able to go when it was not busy which enabled Button to manage and overcame her fears in order to enjoy the trip. 
I started off by showing Button some pictures from this exhibition so that she knew what to expect and for her to decide if she wanted to go. Button loves dinosaurs but was scared of the animatronic dinosaurs at both Longleat and at Wingham zoo and the T-rex at the Natural History Museum. However, Button decided that she wanted to try it, so we jumped on the bus.

The footprints that lead the way were both fun and useful. They enabled Button some independence to lead the way and were fairly well done. We then paid and went in and almost immediately the fear got the better of Button. On a busy Saturday, this would have been game over, especially as it is one way and (according to the website) only allowed round once. However, in this off peak period, we were able to go into a second room with some smaller dinosaurs and drawing/dinosaur rubbings and take our time and let Button manage her fears and take control with minimal advice from me. Button started by posing with the big egg in the same room as the Tyrannasaurus and then to look at the other dinosaurs. We were able ro walk round a few times to see those we had rushed past and finally to face Button's nemesis. I was super proud of Button but also relieved that we had been able to walk round more than once. The price is a bit steep: £5 for adults (who must accompany a child) and £3 a child for 6 dinosaurs across two rooms. £4 or £5 per child/visitor with accompanying adult free would be more reasonable. Especially when there is more on offer for free at the Natural History museum and included in the ticket price at Longleat and Wingham. The layout is also better in terms of realism at these latter two. Although a lack of realism at Hall Place was probably helpful for Button to cope. However, the staff at Hall Place were all very polite and helpful and I didn't feel as cheated by the end of the experience as I had anticipated when I first walked into the hall. The small "shop"(table of merchandise) was also nice, varied and reasonably priced. Though it looked difficult to manage when the crowds arrive.
I asked Button to make sure she learnt one fact to be able to tell Mummy. Button remembered that Velociraptors have 80 teeth as well as various other snippets of information.
We then went on to make the most of some time just the two of us by exploring the grounds and then grabbing some small ( but not cheap) lunch at the tea room.
Button and I had a great day and pretty much on our door step which is nice.

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