The tiger that came to tea, stage show.

Tiger that came to tea show

So as part of our 'The tiger that came to tea' week, we went to see the stage show. As we now have the Twins, Daddy stayed home to babysit which gave Mummy and Button some well needed and well deserved quality time together. We took a slow walk round to the theatre talking about what we thought the show would be like, taking silly pictures and deciding what sweets to pick. We got there with enough time to really soak up the atmosphere and enjoy ourselves. To pick up our tickets, pick candy floss and haribo to share and then have a look at the shop. Button had saved up her pocket money so she picked a few bits to be mementos of the show. We then took our seats in the front row and dived straight into our naughty sugary candy floss! We were both very excited and kept clock watching. This was a fantastic learning opportunity: We have been talking about time and so Mummy showed Button how to time a minute. 
  The show was brillant, really interactive and lively. Button got really into the spirit of the show and did all the shouting out and actions. Half way through she turned to me  and said "one day Mummy I'll be up there!" This melted my heart as she loves acting and making up plays for Daddy and me all the time and it was nice that she connected the two. 
  On the way home we spoke about our favourite parts and also talked about how she could get to be on the stage. I explained she needed to start drama classes. 
  Once home we had our own Tea Party. Button made brownies and glitter jelly, we had sandwiches and fruit. We even had our tea in a tea pot which was Buttons idea and she had a huge cup full. 
  In the book they had sausage, chips and ice cream for dinner which happens to be Button's favourite. So that evening, to finish this wonderfully immersive day off perfectly, we also had sausage and chips followed by delicious ice cream!

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